New cancer vaccine trial helped kill cancer cells in Mayo patient

November 8, 2019

Jayne Babcock-Staff Reporter

The Mayo Clinic is testing a new vaccine through clinical trials at Mayo Clinic that has already effectively helped remove cancer cells.

Lee Mercker was the first participant in the clinical trial. She found out she had breast cancer in March.

“DCIS stage zero,” Mercker said, “I’d never heard of it.”  It meant she had a very early stage, where the cancer cells in the ducts of her breasts had not yet spread. She says she was shocked.

That left her with three options. She could go the traditional route of having a lumpectomy where the cancer cells are removed, a mastectomy where the breasts are removed, or she could join a clinical trial for a potentially life-saving vaccine that could prevent the cancer cells from coming back.

Dr. Saranya Chumsri says the vaccine helps the body fight cancer cells.  To read more about this story, please click this link from WTHR news.